Presenting the Pole

A strategic alliance of Sherbrooke university institutions that mutually consider themselves to be privileged partners.

The Sherbrooke University Pole represents the fruit of the desire of its institutional members to advantageously develop the already numerous inter-institutional collaborative efforts. It seeks to increasingly benefit from the special characteristics of Sherbrooke, the university city, which enjoys a concentration of university activities that is unique in the country.

The first objective of the Sherbrooke University Pole is to favor structured collaborative efforts for the partners, as much at the regional level as the national and international levels, and for each of the partners to benefit from the expertise that has been developed by the other. This accrued synergy permits, in conformity with the respective roles and mandates of the participating institutions, the emergence of numerous projects of collaboration, as much in the area of research and teaching as in value added research and other services to the client base and the general community.

In addition to providing for a better strategic focus between these institutions which, in their own specific sector, have acquired an enviable reputation, the alliance of the sheer force of university activity in the region within the Sherbrooke University Pole, gives access to multidisciplinary networks of expertise to each of its members. In this way the member institutions of the Pole benefit from a unique expertise that they in turn can deliver in the service of their partners, personnel, clients and students.

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