Sherbrooke, University City

At the Heart of the North American Technology Triangle

According to the French magazine on international mobility, Vivre à l'étranger, Sherbrooke "enjoys a strategic position in the centre of a technology triangle made up of Montreal, Quebec City and New England, the historical name given to the northeastern American states.

From Sherbrooke it is possible in less than four hours of driving time to reach a market of some 130 million consumers in the northeastern states and several eastern Canadian provinces. These assets help rank the Sherbrooke region in second place in all of Quebec's exporting regions. "

Concentration, Complementarity and Collaboration

Sherbrooke differs from all the other cities in the country because of its exceptional concentration of universities and colleges, all disciplines considered. Multilingual, Sherbrooke is also known for its socioeconomic vitality and the spirit of cooperation that prevails in the development of sectors of activity of choice.

Sherbrooke manifests itself five times over, with 20% of the population attending higher education classes. With 60% of its economy linked to the knowledge economy, Sherbrooke is advantageously positioned as an integrated university city, among a club of a few selected cities around the world.

An Exceptional Environment

Sherbrooke, the university city, is especially appealing because it offers an exceptional quality of life, a unique bicultural history which rubs off, and a first-rate living environment. Because of this, the city attracts about 75% of its recruits from outside the region.

As a university city, Sherbrooke also constitutes a talent nursery. And in the heart of the city, student life and energy profoundly affect the tempo and pulse of Sherbrooke life.

Finally, Sherbrooke, the university city, presents a window of talent that is open to the world. This spirit of openness to other cultures is carried on daily through exportable training and in welcoming a growing number of foreign entrepreneurs and students.

A Few Demographic and Economic Facts

The micro-electronics and information technologies, environment, health and new materials sectors are all experiencing tremendous growth in Sherbrooke. The industrial sector is also bustling and diversified: 18 sectors are represented in the area out of a possible total of 20.

The region also benefits from a pool of exceptionally qualified manpower of which the rate of bilingualism in French and English is one of the highest in Quebec (nearly 40% of the workforce speak both languages). The students who attend the local colleges and universities represent a plentiful source of part-time manpower, not counting the graduates who contribute to increasing the manpower pool in a significant way each year. A good example of integration of all these factors is found in the local growth of the calling centre and communications industries that easily recruit their part-time workforce from the region's student talent pool.