The Sherbrooke University Pole

Unique in Canada, the Sherbrooke University Pole takes its inspiration from a proven European model.

It relies on the multi-disciplinary expertise of its members and the international networks to which they are linked, to accentuate their development and reach

Together, the seven institutions that make up the Sherbrooke University Pole welcome some 40,000 students each year and employ some 11,000 persons of whom more than 3700 are professors, teachers and researchers. Their direct annual economic impact exceeds one billion dollars.

Founded in a spirit of exchange and solidarity, the Sherbrooke University Pole, which is presided by the rector of the Université de Sherbrooke, professor Luce Samoisette, has given itself the mission of promoting the action and strategic development of Sherbrooke, the university city, to better serve the region, Quebec society and its numerous international partners.